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Experienced business lawyers, advisors, counselors and litigators.  Formation, operation and growth of all forms of businesses, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships.  Our office has been involved with a range of companies from start-ups, to small regional companies, as well as national and international based companies.  We are very cognizant of the respective company’s culture and individual operating statements, allowing us to take into consideration each of those respective operating parameters when we are advising the client on how best to proceed to protect their core interests. 

Boswell Law Offices provides strategic counseling to organizations on a wide-range of legal issues from risk management and avoidance to corporate governance and bylaw review.

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Some of our business services include:

  • Working with businesses to choose the most suitable legal structure, such as a partnership, corporation or limited liability company;

  • Advising businesses that operate in the corporate form on governance issues raised by having a board of directors;

  • Protecting client interests by preparing and reviewing shareholder agreements, executive compensation arrangements, and agreements for the purchase or sale of businesses and other kinds of business contracts;

  • Review of corporate books and records to ensure proper form is followed to properly protect assets and insulate liabilities;

  • Advising officers and directors of corporations, partnerships, and LLCs;

  • Advising corporations, partnerships, and LLCs regarding personnel policies and practices;

  • Contract negotiation and drafting;

  • Protection of Intellectual Property;

  • Advising regarding real estate leases;

  • Business formation and dissolution;

  • Change in corporate form.


Our office has experience in assisting clients in the selection and prosecution of trademarks, both state and federal, and the continuing pro-active protection of those marks in the future. A company’s intellectual property is its most valuable asset, and a well-defined IP strategy is critical to developing and maintaining its position in a competitive marketplace.

Our attorney has worked with clients who own some of the most identifiable and valuable trademarks in the world, including one of the world's largest beverage companies as well as one of the leading guitar manufacturers.


The firm also has an extensive background in the construction industry, representing general contractors, sub-contractors and design professionals on both public and private works projects.


Boswell Law Offices, PLLC believes that most disputes can and should be resolved outside of litigation.  However, when necessary, we are experienced in all areas of litigation, and alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation, legal alternatives to litigation whereby the parties to a dispute agree to submit their respective positions (through agreement or hearing) to a neutral third party (the arbitrator(s) or mediator(s)) for resolution.

Mediation is an informal process where the parties confer with a neutral party, the mediator. The mediator hears both sides of the case and helps negotiate a compromise agreement that is acceptable to both parties. It is a non-binding form of alternative dispute resolution; however, the agreement can be incorporated into binding court orders.

Arbitration, while similar to Mediation, is distinctly different in that the decision of an arbitration is binding. Furthermore, such a decision is often far more restrictive than a court judgment because of the fact that there are very limited appellate remedies available. Many contracts have an “arbitration clause” which requires any dispute to submit to a binding arbitration in lieu of court litigation.

Our business-minded, client-centric litigation services are comprehensive in these areas:

  • Business Advice and Pre-Dispute Counseling;

  • Active Litigation Advice and Advocacy;

  • Non-Party/Third-Party Litigation.

Our office also has experience representing appellants and respondents on appeal.

For your business, intellectual property and legal issues, come to our Auburn office.   From "womb to tomb," we get it done.