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Estate planning is an important aspect of the reality of life that everyone should consider, but that many avoid due to the implications that one must accept they are mortal. The truth of the matter is that if you don't make certain decisions regarding your estate, the state has laws that will make the decision for you.  Most individuals prefer to make their own decision regarding their person and their assets.  Proper estate planning includes a last will and testament, a financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, a health care directive (often called a living will), and for those married individuals, it may include a community property agreement.  Our lawyers personally meet with you to discuss your unique situation.

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Blended families are very common these days.  Children with different parents are often part of the new norm, the "Brady Bunch" effect.  Special consideration is often necessary for situations such as these.


We meet with you to discuss your individual situation and your goals regarding your estate planning.  An estate plan is then custom drafted with your situation and specific legacy in mind.


We represent individuals in connection with probate estates and trust estates. Whether assistance is needed to provide for the care of a loved one, the administration of an estate, or to object to what a fiduciary is doing with that estate, our experienced counsel and staff can provide the guidance needed to navigate this highly technical area of the law. We recognize that the issues involved in these areas are personal and emotional, and provide individualized guidance to protect your family’s assets and care for your loved ones.


The laws governing trusts, probate and estate planning are increasingly complex. Clients need careful financial and estate planning to ensure the disposition of an individual's assets through a financial and estate plan to fulfill his or her wishes. Some of our trust and estate planning services include:

  • Preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives and other documents;

  • Development and implementation of complex gift and estate tax planning strategies;

  • Probate and trust administration;

  • Assistance with your financial representative in preparation of estate and gift tax returns and audit representation;

  • Advice on fiduciary duties of trustee, executors, officers and directors, and liability avoidance;

  • Business succession and tax planning, including shareholder agreements, operating agreements, voting trusts, creation of corporations, LLCs and partnerships.

Many clients also rely on our focused planning for entrepreneurs and executives, and assistance with succession planning and planned giving.