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Real Estate Attorney in Auburn, Washington

Practice includes the acquisition, disposition and development of commercial, industrial, office and shopping centers; negotiating and drafting of commercial contracts and leases; and representing borrowers in secured and unsecured transactions.

Regulatory and environmental requirements, financing issues, and even the COVID-19 pandemic, are a part of the evolving nature of real estate. Boswell Law Offices handle a broad scope of commercial real estate in acquisitions and dispositions, construction and project development, financing, land use strategies, leasing, real estate fund formation, and tax structuring.

When buying or selling commercial real estate, plenty of issues can arise which is why we highly recommend that you always hire a Real Estate Attorney to advise you throughout the transaction. Real Estate Brokers & Agents cannot give you legal advice and are only focused on getting the sale through as quickly as possible.

Boswell Law Offices can help you before, during, or after a transaction to represent you and protect your interests, including litigation if needed. Our attorneys have experience in negotiating with buyers and sellers and in providing advice as to the best options for our clients.

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We represent commercial property owners and tenants in disputes regarding tenancy, leases, development, contractor’s suits, and construction disputes. 

The firm can guide the lease preparation process from beginning to end, whether for landlord or tenant, sole proprietor or major company, a few hundred feet or a major commercial lease. The meticulous drafting and skillful negotiation of a lease requires specific knowledge of the clients’ objectives to build an open and effective Landlord-Tenant relationship.

We understand that purchasing, renting, and managing commercial real estate is an essential part to your business. We evaluate your matter and choose the right course by determining the best legal course that makes the most business sense for you.


Services we provide to help you:

  • Review of commercial leases and assist in negotiations;

  • Assisting the resolution of commercial landlord/tenant disputes;

  • Provide assistance to you in disputes involving easements, and boundaries;

  • We represent you in disputes involving liens, contractor’s and construction;

  • Commercial real estate acquisitions and sales;

  • Construction contract drafting and negotiation.


When litigation is necessary, we craft strategies to meet the specific demands of real property disputes, including:

  • Specific performance of commercial purchase agreements, including option agreements;

  • Contract claims for breach of contractual agreements;

  • Commercial unlawful detainer actions;

  • Foreclosure of mechanic’s liens;

  • Removal of mechanic’s liens;

  • Disputes over commercial or industrial leases;

  • Alternative dispute resolution for owners, landlords, and/or tenants.


Real estate law is complex, multifaceted and can produce a myriad of issues. Boswell Law Offices has expertise in this area and represents clients in all areas of real estate litigation such as:

Real Estate Transactions;

Developer Disputes;

Construction Defects;

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes;

Contract Litigation.


The firm also has an extensive background in the construction industry, representing general contractors, sub-contractors and design professionals on both public and private works projects.

Boswell Law Offices is experienced in areas relating to construction law including:

  • Mechanic’s Liens;

  • Stop Notices;

  • Payment Bonds;

  • Contractor’s Licenses;

  • Contractor’s License Bonds.